personal trainingHere at Med Well Fitness, we’re all about your health and wellness. We specialize in providing personal training for seniors and medical exercise for those who’ve needed physical therapy. Our practice is largely physically focused, but whole-body health includes the mind. That’s why today, we’re taking a moment to focus on mental health by offering up steps you can take to improve your cognition, mood, and mental acuity.


Now we’ve all heard that sleep is good for you. But why? According to a Harvard Medical School article, sleep – especially deep rapid eye movement (REM) sleep – boosts learning abilities and memory. On top of that, a good night’s rest is likely to improve your mood and regulate your hormones. Shoot for eight hours per day since REM sleep is best achieved in sleep durations that are longer than 90 minutes.

Exercise for Mental Health

Did you know that exercise boosts mental health?! Through consistent exercise, you can improve your mood, your sleep patterns, your libido, and your energy. In addition, you may note a decrease in stress. So, personal training is a step towards mental health as well as physical health! Don’t take it from us, read this National Institute of Health publication.


Your brain is a physical body, and it needs nourishment the same way that your other organs do. Feed your brain the good stuff. Get plenty of veggies and fruits in your diet, and be sure to get a balance of carbs, fats, and proteins. In essence, you want to provide your brain with the nutrients it needs. Learn more about diet and mental health in this Mental Health Foundation article.