At MedWellFitness, we are your trainer, and your post-rehabilitation expert.

It is no secret that the way to a healthy body is through hard work and determination.  Our main goal at MedWell Fitness is to ensure the probability of a full recovery and prevent any new injuries from occurring.

When you are injured, it is easier to have a reoccurring accident if you do not stay in tune with what your body needs.  With our specialty personal training program, we can develop a conditioning routine specifically to promote a healthy balanced body. Whether you are an older or younger adult or simply looking for a certified expert to help you after physical therapy is complete, your body deserves the tender care and attention that we strive to provide.

A Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist is trained to focus on creating exercise programs for clients who are recovering from a multitude of disorders including:

  • ACL
  • Rotator Cuff
  • Knee Replacements
  • Hip Replacements
  • Spinal Surgeries
  • Low back pain

Post-rehabilitation is just as important as recovering. 

When you have been injured, for any reason, and have had to go through physical therapy and rehabilitation, you never just want to completely stop. Post-rehabilitation routines are strongly encouraged as to prevent any recurring pain or injury and maintain the wellness that you have built up. Regaining strength and mobility is amazing; in order to keep it, there are things that you can do, and we will show you how at MedWell Fitness.

Our personal training program is designed to target physical therapy graduates and clients who’ve been injured in the past; we provide programs that are specifically catered to their needs. Our approach and practices combine customized routines with our expertise for the long-term maintenance in our post-rehabilitation clients.

No two people are the same, and we take that into account when working with you.

We understand that everyone has different needs. We take our time to build a lasting relationship with you, so we can better get to know you, your body, and what you are looking to achieve. We will work with you to understand your condition, determine the best plan of action, and continue to make note of your progress allowing you long-term success.

Whether you have had a hip replacement, have lower back pain, or have knee and joint problems, we customize your routine to individually meet your needs.

What you will gain by coming to us.

Our goal is to build a routine that gives you more endurance and, generally, more resilience when doing daily activities. You will feel continuously better as your strength builds. Do what you want to, when you want to; there is no reason you should be held back now. Additionally, our services have shown to reduce hypertension and diabetes so patients with these conditions can live a longer, and more enjoyable life without having to rely solely on medication.

Post rehabilitation training is not the only way to happiness, but by taking care of yourself and your body, you may see that it is the way to the life you want to live.