personal trainingMedWell Fitness has a personal training program that is designed for fitness and conditioning services for physical therapy graduates, and seniors who are looking for an understanding and patient personal trainer.  As we age, our bodies have a much harder time, recovering, and maintaining the mobility that we once used to have.  A Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist is trained to focus on creating exercise programs designed to prevent and combat a multitude of issues including:

  • Knee Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Low back pain
  • Arthritis
  • hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis

Our personalized, integrative program  combines exercise plans  that are designed specifically to improve health, function and quality of life. You will feel continuously better as your strength builds. Do what you want to, when you want to; there is no reason you should be held back now. Additionally, our services have shown to reduce hypertension and diabetes so patients with these conditions can live a longer, and more enjoyable life without having to rely solely on medication.

With more than 10 years of experience, we know how to help you. Our knowledge and experience allow us to maximize results and effectively devote time to each one of our clients. Our commitment and dedication to you ensure that you receive the one-on-one personalized care that you deserve. The better that you take care of yourself now, the more enjoyable and fulfilling a lifestyle you can obtain for you and your family.

You are an individual, with specific needs that have to be met.

We strive to provide each one of our customers with the outstanding care that they are looking for. When your body is functioning optimally, you are happier, and your life feels fuller. Specializing in our technique allows us to take a closer look at each client that comes to our office, devoting time to each individual. When we can focus on you and what you need, you can feel better from the inside and out as well. We are here for your specific needs; you are not just another person at MedWell Fitness; you are our friends and family.

Contact us today to find out if your condition qualifies you for the MedWell Fitness system.