1. 3 ways the right personal trainer will help to bring out the best version of you

    Personal Training is the cultivation of a unique relationship to which there are many positive outcomes. The emotional bond between a Personal Trainer and their client will influence said clients decisions; this is what makes the link so unique and invaluable.  As Steve Jobs famously said “There’s no greater wealth than health” so doesn’t it make sense to have a dedicated professional to hold you accountable, optimize your time, correct you when you’re making critical mistakes and be present for emotional support?


    The right personal trainer may not be a drill sergeant or gym rat; in fact the modern day trainer is much more than that; they’re educators, implementers, listeners, accountability holders, and assistants. Today’s trainer must be equipped with the soft skills that can manage a wide array of personalities; unfortunately the perception in many people’s eyes is skewed.


    Here are 3 ways the right personal trainer will help to bring out the best version of you


    State of mind: mental clarity, passion and enthusiasm are just the tip of the iceberg. The right trainer will keep you mentally and physically motivated. Rigorous workouts help with blood circulation helping to bring oxygen to the brain, and trigger feel good chemicals called endorphins, you’ll need those to stay vibrant and appreciate the world around you. When you’ve got someone making sure you show up for the workout you’ll be sharper, more productive at work and have a general sense of well being


    You’ll lose and gain: Weight loss is one the most obvious benefits in the relationship, a fit body is better at wording off many lifestyle diseases and illnesses; additionally misguided exercises and workouts can make a condition worse causing serious injuries.  A good trainer will not only prescribe the right exercises for your unique case, they will also correct any bad form or movement patterns that you’ve developed in the past. You’ll mitigate certain conditions without having to rely solely on medication alone and save money on health care costs.


    Interaction stimulates workouts: A great workout is not just a list of exercises performed consecutively; the ebb and flow may sometimes vary based upon a person’s mood due to something that’s happening in their personal life. The right trainer will pick up on different social queues, read between the lines and adjust the workout appropriately; furthermore they’ll be there to listen and engage in thoughtful conversation which takes away from some of the monotony that some people feel when working out.


    The bottom line is that humans generally make decisions based on emotions, deciding to work out or not may depend on who you’re spending the one hour in the gym with. Lets get started building the best you right now click on the link below to book a session with me.