1. Watch Out For Banana Peels

    man-gym-injury-mainIt can happen in the blink of an eye, a twist of the ankle, the proverbial banana peel on the sidewalk. (We can learn so much about injury from Saturday morning cartoons.) Say you walk off of the curb and slip on a discarded candy wrapper. It is the perfect storm. You put your weight on your foot and the dirt underneath the candy wrapper causes it to slide. Before you know it, you are on your back; mentally evaluating yourself for injury. Is it your fault? Not in the least. Injuries happen to the most prepared and careful individuals. It may be the ideal time to contact MedWell Fitness for a consultation with a personal trainer.  

    Unsafe Conditions

    The way the world is today, most of us are extremely aware of unsafe conditions and take the necessary precautions to avoid obvious danger. That being said, it is our view that we can help you be prepared for those unexpected situations and possibly avoid injury. We all try and eat relatively healthy, take vitamins and try to be responsible with our health. How many of us though, would admit to being physically out of shape? Probably a good number of us.

    Building a Base

    MedWell Fitness is a personal trainer service serving Manhattan and the surrounding area. We focus on general wellness and comprehensive fitness with the belief that a stronger physical base will help prevent injury. We will work with you in your home or one of our locations throughout the city, building a solid fitness foundation. If injury has already been a setback for you, we want to help! Working with MedWell Fitness can reduce pain and speed up healing. We want you to be the best person you can be, and an active life is a life well lived! Let us help you get there!

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