1. 3 ways the right personal trainer will help to bring out the best version of you

    Personal Training is the cultivation of a unique relationship to which there are many positive outcomes. The emotional bond between a Personal Trainer and their client will influence said clients decisions; this is what makes the link so unique and invaluable.  As Steve Jobs famously said “There’s no greater wealth than health” so doesn’t it make sense to have a dedicated professional to hold you accountable, optimize your time, correct you when you’re making critical mistakes and be present for emotional support?


    The right personal trainer may not be a drill sergeant or gym rat; in fact the modern day trainer is much more than that; they’re educators, implementers, listeners, accountability holders, and assistants. Today’s trainer must be equipped with the soft skills that can manage a wide array of personalities; unfortunately the perception in many people’s eyes is skewed.


    Here are 3 ways the right personal trainer will help to bring out the best version of you


    State of mind: mental clarity, passion and enthusiasm are just the tip of the iceberg. The right trainer will keep you mentally and physically motivated. Rigorous workouts help with blood circulation helping to bring oxygen to the brain, and trigger feel good chemicals called endorphins, you’ll need those to stay vibrant and appreciate the world around you. When you’ve got someone making sure you show up for the workout you’ll be sharper, more productive at work and have a general sense of well being


    You’ll lose and gain: Weight loss is one the most obvious benefits in the relationship, a fit body is better at wording off many lifestyle diseases and illnesses; additionally misguided exercises and workouts can make a condition worse causing serious injuries.  A good trainer will not only prescribe the right exercises for your unique case, they will also correct any bad form or movement patterns that you’ve developed in the past. You’ll mitigate certain conditions without having to rely solely on medication alone and save money on health care costs.


    Interaction stimulates workouts: A great workout is not just a list of exercises performed consecutively; the ebb and flow may sometimes vary based upon a person’s mood due to something that’s happening in their personal life. The right trainer will pick up on different social queues, read between the lines and adjust the workout appropriately; furthermore they’ll be there to listen and engage in thoughtful conversation which takes away from some of the monotony that some people feel when working out.


    The bottom line is that humans generally make decisions based on emotions, deciding to work out or not may depend on who you’re spending the one hour in the gym with. Lets get started building the best you right now click on the link below to book a session with me.

  2. Health Impacts of a Sedentary Lifestyle

    Are you sitting too much in a day? While sitting for a brief period is natural, sitting for longer durations can seriously impact your health. Unfortunately, if you make it a habit, it could even shorten your life. Wondering about the impact of a sedentary lifestyle? Well, prolonged sitting poses a high risk of heart problems, obesity, organ damage, and diabetes. Not only this, office computer work can damage your body and cause postural problems and muscular imbalances. Try to take 10,000 steps a day and stand as much as you can to stay fit and healthy.

    Risks of Sedentary Lifestyle for Extended Periods of Time

    Do you know Americans spend a major part of the day in a sedentary state? On average, it amounts to almost 9-10 hours of sitting time per day. As a result, your muscles become stiff. When you make it a habit to stay seated for prolonged periods of time, it causes a number of molecular cascades in your body as soon as you get up, causing postural problems and muscular imbalances, among others.

    Research reveals that 90 seconds of standing up after hours of sitting results in the activation of certain muscular and cellular systems that process cholesterol, blood sugar, and triglycerides and push fuel into your cells. This type of cellular activity should be regular in order for your body to stay fit and reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity.

    Impact of Sedentary Lifestyle: How Uninterrupted Chair Time Affects Your Body

    Your body is designed for activity and regular movement. When you stop moving and stay seated for a prolonged period, you are sending signals to your body to shut down its cellular activities and prepare for death. The health hazards of not moving much are varied.

    • Heart disease – Sedentary behavior can make you fat and hurt your heart. When you sit for longer periods, the blood circulation is slow while muscles burn less fat. As a result, there is fat deposition in your arteries, which cause heart blockage and raise the risk of stroke or heart attack.
    • Metabolism: When you choose a sedentary lifestyle, you are opting for a diseased life. Sitting for hours together puts you at a risk of metabolism problems, which could further cause all sorts of lifestyle diseases, from diabetes to high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.
    • Cancer – According to a study presented at the 2015 Inaugural Active Working Summit, sitting for longer periods raises your risk of colon cancer, uterine cancer, and lung cancer by 30, 66, and 54 percent, respectively.
    • Dementia – More seating and less activity puts you at a high risk of dementia, according to a research study report published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. Moderate psychological distress and anxiety symptoms are too common in people living a sedentary lifestyle.
    • Musculoskeletal problems – When you sit for prolonged hours, you tend to put yourself at a high risk of musculoskeletal problems. Being physically active may help improve your musculoskeletal and overall health, according to a research study. It could even delay the effects of aging. Contrarily, sitting parked on your but could compromise with your physical health and raise the risk of compromised bodily functions, such as high rates of musculoskeletal injuries, fractures, sprains, and strains, including bone and joint problems.

    According to the University of Cambridge research, sitting parked on your butt is no less detrimental to your health than being obese. If you are unhappy with your health due to prolonged sitting, you should start moving right away. The risks of sedentary lifestyle are too many to ignore.

    Come in touch with MedWellFitness – your medical exercise specialist – to improve your health and fitness level, whether you are suffering from postural problems or muscular imbalances due to the impact of a sedentary lifestyle. We pride ourselves on our expertise in medical fitness therapy and can help determine the best plan of action for your long-term health. Our certified post-rehab conditioning specialists can help improve your lifestyle and bring about a positive change in your health.

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    medwell-logo1-1Are you coming off of an injury? How about getting ready to rebuild strength to regain your health after a medical issue such as a heart attack. At MedWell Fitness it is our commitment to provide you with the finest personal training and physical therapy available. That being said, what if you have never suffered from any sort of ailment or had any major injury? In that case you need MedWell Finess more than ever.


    At MedWell Fitness we specialize in treating those that have a need to get back to their original shape after an injury or some other stressor. The fact is we all age and it is imperative that proper exercise be practiced if injuries are to be prevented. Not to say that the unexpected does not happen but the better prepared physically you are, less rehabilitation time may be necessary after an injury.

    Used To Be…

    For example, let’s say you are a moderately fit 58-year-old who used to work out religiously in his 20’s. Time seemed to get away from you after 30 and a marriage and kids took over. The office job paid well but it sure did take a toll on your waistline and your cholesterol. Now, you may get out and jog every three months or so but you definitely do not do any serious exercising. What better time than now to get onboard with someone who really knows how to train a person in your position.

    Take Back Your Health!

    cta-box3-1MedWell Fitness are experts in training people who are older and may have some pain or various ailments to work around. We can meet your specific needs and create the best training program for you. The only thing that you have to do is call us and we can meet you at one of our gyms. We can also meet you at your building’s fitness center or even in your own home. How convenient is that? So give us a call at MedWell Fitness and take back your health.

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